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My older brother and I began turning the lifeless commercialized walls of Mexico City into something more attractive than propaganda. At the age of 10 I started to decorate my mom’s house with stencils of cartoons and stickers of random shapes and colors. When I turned 11 I was hired by the Director school i was attending to help them make presentations more colorful and not so boring for the students since computers were not so popular at the moment. 

I started giving the streets of Mexico City a little bit more of their own reality by expressing my aggravations through my art work . Most places in Mexico City at that time  wouldnt allow you to do any type of public art  work because it was often related to vandalism.

Most of my designs and street art stencils reflect the innjustices of  the world we live in, but you won’t see that unless you stop nd reflect upon what you’ve seen for 30 seconds.

I place my dreams and feelings onto the canvas the very moment they occur; colors are like sound waves , the moment I start painting almost all types of sounds will come to mind and this paintings are the result of every melody, there is no mistake or accidental painting, they are really hard to duplicate.
I use almost all kinds of paint in my art work, from spray paint to acrylic and oil , in some paintings I used recycled material such as coffee beans, news paper, glass etc, that give the each painting something unique and special .


Ulises Mariscal

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